KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A visit to the Helping Mamas warehouse is a joyful experience for social worker Danielle Keehner. Every time she goes for supplies, she knows she will get just the right car seat, clothing in just the right sizes; all kinds of supplies that are new or like-new for her clients, mostly moms and babies with few resources.

“They have been awesome at Helping Mamas,” Keehner said. “I just come in and tell them what I need, they get it for me, then I deliver it to the families and it’s an amazing, amazing ministry.”

Tess Frear started the Knoxville nonprofit in 2019, after her cousin’s startup in Atlanta in 2014 took off.

“I just feel blessed,” she said. “I think the Lord has absolutely met every need. There are some times I’m like, ‘oh, my goodness, I hope I have enough car seats, baby clothes or this formula,’ and it comes in.”

The biggest need is diapers. During the pandemic, Helping Mamas gave a staggering number to families in need.

“Last year, I think we gave out about 50,000 (diapers) and just in the first six months of this year, we’ve given that out,” Tess told us.

In fact, 50,000 diapers have already been given out this year. Helping Mamas couldn’t do it without your support.

Keehner can’t wait to see how the items she picked up will make such a difference for a mom and her baby.

“Oh, it is amazing,” she said with a smile. “This little baby will be able to have a bed and will be able to be raised; it takes the stress off of the mom, but also gives the baby a nurturing environment to grow in.”