HARRIMAN, Tenn. (WATE) — Hearts are heavy at Roane State Community College. The campus learned Tuesday about the passing of geology professor Arthur Lee. Oak Ridge Police revealed it was his body they pulled from Melton Hill Lake over the weekend.

Lee had been missing since last month. Police say they do not suspect foul play in his death.

Lee was a professor at Roane State Community College for more than two decades. The ones we met are heartbroken but say they are cherishing all the good memories.

“Any time you were around Arthur, his enthusiasm for what he did was contagious,” said Chris Whaley, president of RSCC. “It literally would rub off on you.”

Whaley is remembering Lee for his gifts: his intelligence and passion. It shows in Lee’s own words.

“When it comes to his Roane State job, Arthur was quoted as saying, ‘I would do this even if I wasn’t paid,'” said Diane Ward, vice president for student learning.

Ward showed us a project called “Lab in a Box.” It’s a hands-on activity for middle school students she says Lee helped bring to life.

He also took his talent outside of the traditional classroom.

“He taught behind the wall at the Morgan County Correctional Facility,” Ward said. “From August this past year, he taught one semester of geology in the fall and he was currently teaching the second semester of geology.”

“It was not a job for him,” Whaley said. “It was the passion of the power of education and how to transform lives, and he absolutely lived that every single day.”

The discovery of Lee’s body brings closure, but also great loss. Colleagues are turning to focus on the mark he left on their campus.

“We can reflect on his life, the positive impact that he had across our campuses with our students,” Ward said.

“Because of his excitement, because of his teaching ability, his content knowledge, gosh he was just so smart, that was infectious to students. Many of them who didn’t come in with any thought that they would ever have any love of geology but certainly left with a love of geology because of Dr. Arthur Lee,” Whaley said.

Whaley also said they will be thinking of the best ways to honor Lee’s memory at the college. They don’t yet know what form it will take, but it is certainly on their minds.

Roane State also says grief counseling has been made available for students, faculty and staff.