History teacher shares lessons, experience watching the inauguration with his students

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CLINTON, Tenn. (WATE) — Millions of eyes were glued to screens today watching the inauguration, including those of our youth. One Clinton High School social studies teacher is sharing what lessons from today, and the last four years he’ll be passing on to his students.

Bryan Moore says this inauguration was historic in more ways than one. He says there are many lessons from it he can teach his 12th grade students.

“Being in a COVID era, and just being an era when the country is so divided, it was a very important inauguration. People really wanted to hear what Biden was going to say,” Moore said.

As we enter a new administration and new political era, Moore says he’ll be teaching his future voters not just to remember the history that took place, but how to move forward as they develop their own political beliefs.

“I want them to know the division wasn’t fully necessary, that most of the time when you have an argument with somebody, it’s because you’re working on different definitions. What I try to teach my students is we’re really not all that different. When you really break down the singular issues, most of us probably agree on a lot of stuff.”

The first step, he says, starts in the classroom.

“In my mind, I’m thinking people really need to understand how the constitution sets up our government, who the real representatives of the people are, what the real job of the president is,” Moore said.

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