KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A little girl named Kaleigh will soon have several new friends at her birthday party after a Facebook post by her mother saved the day.

It all started after Tabatha Mills sent invitations to Kaleigh’s school in preparation for her upcoming birthday party. But what started out as an exciting event quickly turned to a dreaded one.

“Only one kid out of her entire class was coming,” Mills said. “I was crying and begging her to let me take her anywhere in the world so she wouldn’t be devastated the day of her birthday party. She told me it was going to be ok and she was going to get a party shirt and pizza and it would be fine if no one came.”

As the days leading up to her daughter’s party wound down, Tabatha’s husband made a suggestion.

“My husband joked post it on the Facebook group,” Tabatha told WATE.

Within minutes, people began responding to Tabatha’s post.

“I was overwhelmed with the amount of responses and thought there’s no way this is real,” Mills said. “I thought these people don’t know us why would anyone want to come.”

Facebook users flooded the comment section with reassurances that their own children would be there.

Picture courtesy of Tabatha Mills

“People offering to bring gifts and someone even offered to do a Jeep parade before the party started,” Mills told WATE. “It’s amazing I never in my life thought so many people would care.”

Kaleigh’s birthday party comes as Tabatha’s family adjusts to their new life in Knoxville and as her daughter tries to make friends.

“We’re just a normal little family with two children who desperately want friends and it looks like they are going to have a ton now,” Mills said. “I’m so thankful that there are so many people with such kind hearts!”

Tabatha told WATE Kaleigh now expects plenty of guests to arrive at her birthday party, which will be full of pizza, jumping, and new friends.

From all of us at WATE, happy seventh birthday, Kaleigh!

Editor’s note: Thanks to all the people who commented on Tabatha’s post, all available spaces for Kaleigh’s party have been filled.