KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Student safety is on our minds, even though the event that got us thinking about the topic didn’t happen.

That’s according to the University of Tennessee Police after the department revealed a robbery reported at the G-11 parking garage was unfounded. However, lots of young adults starting classes are away from their parents for the first time. With that in mind, WATE wanted to know what steps students take to keep themselves safe.

From pepper spray to never walking alone, many UT students say they know how to keep themselves safe on campus.

“I do have a little pink pepper spray on my keys,” said student Emily Ashburn.

“Walk with somebody from my class or that I trust,” said student Hannah Spoon. “I’ve had tests, exams be later in the evening, so usually if I’m out late, at night on campus, I call somebody.”

“Definitely having backup plans for when phones don’t operate,” said senior Alex Galaska.

In addition to those personal safety measures, students say they’re also aware of university-provided resources.

“The little blue lights that are literally everywhere around campus so those are definitely encouraging to know those are around,” explained Ashburn. “I definitely see a lot of UTPD [University of Tennessee Police Department] around and then really just lights.”

In addition to lights, emergency phones, and patrolmen, UT also offers a more “hands-on” safety approach, particularly for women.

It’s called the “R.A.D.” program; it’s short for Rape Aggression Defense. During the class, participants are taught various physical defense tactics by certified instructors. The class is free and is available for not just female UT students and staff members, but all women in the community.

UT also encourages students and staff members to use its LiveSafe app. Using a mobile device, users can place emergency calls, reach UT police, make reports and even invite friends and family to walk and drive with them virtually.

For more safety resources and information from the University of Tennessee, click here.