KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Several law enforcement agencies have been warning residents of phone scams from people claiming to be law enforcement in the past couple of weeks.

Sheriff Russell Barker with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department explains how scammers are targeting people has changed.

“The trend is switching from ‘you’ve won something to the government is involved,” he said.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Department says they have received reports recently of scammers acting as law enforcement organizations.

“The one that we are seeing most frequently right now is you have missed jury duty and you need to pay the fine or you will get arrested,” Barker said.

Morristown Police Department has received reports of phone scams their residents have experienced, one of which included the scammer impersonating the police chief.

“My chief actually received a call saying ‘hey, we got a phone call from someone saying they were you and asking for money from the police department. We knew it wasn’t you, it didn’t sound like you but we wanted you to know,'” Deputy Chief Michelle Jones with the Morristown Police Department said.

Both agencies stress that they will never call and ask for money. According to Sheriff Barker, scammers typically target the elderly. If you do believe you are getting scammed, you are encouraged to report it to law enforcement.