KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Police are investigating a rash of car break-ins in North Knoxville. To find out how a car thief thinks, WATE 6 On Your Side’s Elizabeth Kuebel reached out to Knoxville Police about what can be done to make sure your cars are not targeted.

Officer John Morgan pointed out what some car owners are doing right and what others need to change.

“There’s a blue something, some kind of duffle bag on the back seat. I want to know what that is,” said Morgan, speaking from the perspective of a car burglar. “There’s a pink case there. I don’t know, that might be something, jewelry case or something, so I want to see what that is, too.”

Morgan also showcased a car where the owner seemingly did everything right.

“As soon as I walk up, I don’t see anything in the front seat. Check the door. Nothing in the back seat that I can see,” he said. “Keeping your car nice and clean, and to where it’s not enticing people as much, just not leaving things visible is what you should do.”

Another key tip from KPD is to lock the car doors as soon as a person parks.

“As long as you lock it and don’t leave anything enticing, they’ll move on to the next. And hopefully, they’ll just move out of the neighborhood,” Morgan said.

Police also stressed the importance of not leaving guns in the car. They say that’s how most gun thefts happen.

As KPD continues to investigate a series of break-ins in North Knoxville, they are doing walking and saturation patrols throughout the area.