Illness having an impact on East Tennessee businesses

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Some continuing school closings are proof illness is sticking around in parts of our community. 

We’ve been bringing you stories of how to fight germs in the classroom, but we also wanted to know how illness is hitting some of the businesses you frequent or rely on.

Cleaning efforts are in full effect at a Farragut hair salon, because the sickness spreading around our area had an impact on the business last week.

“I got sick, my kids were sick, and then a lot of my clients, it was almost like a domino effect. They were calling in, I mean literally dropping like flies,” Patricia Safadi, owner of Wolf + Lamb Hair Lounge said.

It’s a similar story at Knoxville gym, Kybra Athletics.

“My wife who is one of the coaches, and one of the owners obviously, has been out for two weeks. We’ve had several people out for a few weeks at a time,” owner David Finney said.

They, too, are ramping up to prevent the germs from spreading.

“We’re cleaning everything more often. What we would do twice a week, we’re almost doing every day now,” Finney said.

And the precautions keep coming. We visited UT Medical Center, where you’ll find signs restricting some visitors, to keep patients and staff as healthy as possible. 

“We’ve also enhanced our routine cleaning. We’re cleaning more frequently high touch surfaces, like elevator buttons and hand rails, and things that patients and visitors will touch as they’re moving through the hospital, so it’s just a hightened awareness,” said Jennifer Radtke, Manager of Infection Prevention.

To avoid getting sick, Radtke also said it’s important for us to frequently wash our hands, especially before we eat, and avoid touching our faces to prevent the spread of germs. 

And another good tip from Radtke – if you’re at the gas station, use some alcohol based hand rub right after you fill up your car.

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