KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Next time there’s a large event in Powell, people may want to keep their eyes peeled for a one-of-a-kind snack shack.

Trey Evans, 22, owns his own business, Trey’s Snack Shack. Trey’s mother, Kellee Dugger, talks about how the idea for the snack shack first came about.

“He started the snack shack last year after graduation, he has tried working at a variety of different jobs and he really didn’t have much to do after COVID hit,” began Dugger. “Of course, sometimes people with disabilities are the first ones to lose their jobs.” She explained Trey lives with down syndrome.

Dugger went on to say given Trey’s work experience at many of the favorite food joints along Emory Road, they decided to try something new.

“We had thought about a food truck, but the idea with the snack shack is it’s easy for him to learn how to operate the business, everything he sells is $1, it’s all pre-packaged, so there’s no prep work and the math is a little more simple for him,” she said.

With every sale comes a huge smile and an enthusiastic ‘thank you.’ Trey said down the road he’ll be making his own dishes in a bigger food truck, serving the people he loves.

“I need to get a bigger snack shack cart,” said Trey. “I want to grow and because that one is very small.”

His mom hopes her son can be an example to others who may go through a similar journey.

“I want Trey to set the example that people with disabilities can make a difference in their community,” she said. “They can be business owners, they can contribute, they can volunteer, they can do things that other people may not expect them to be able to do.”

Meanwhile, Trey invites everyone to come on out to his shack when they can. “Please, come see me, I’m hoping you guys can come.”

To schedule Trey’s Snack Shack for an event, those interested can contact him via the information on his Facebook page. There, people can also find out where Trey’s Snack Shack will pop up next.