KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A retired Knox County Sheriff’s Office K-9 is receiving support from the community after his recent cancer diagnosis.

Eleven-year-old K-9 “Argo” was diagnosed with cancer earlier this month, according to the sheriff’s office. They initially posted on Facebook that Argo had to have surgery to remove two masses, one from his neck and another from his chest, but was doing well at home resting with his family.

An update came after the pathology reports were completed.

“The Sheriff, Chief, and Sgt. Troutt are happy to report that the mass on Argo’s neck was benign and the mass in his chest is a tumor but has a 4-5 year life expectancy! SO- since Argo is 11 and scheduled to retire tomorrow? He is going to ease into retirement with Sgt, Troutt and his family! Thank you to everyone who reached out during this waiting period and for all the prayers for Argo!!!” KCSO said on Facebook.

On Friday, KCSO shared photos of Argo with some of the supportive gifts sent to him in his retirement, thanking everyone for the love shown to Argo during his cancer diagnosis.

“This goodest boy is now retired and living his best life with all the gifts he has been showered with!!!” KCSO said.

Argo officially retired on Oct. 2 according to KCSO.