KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A Knoxville family is reaping the benefits of Knoxville Extreme Energy Makeover program. Its been one year since KEEM began working with more than a thousand families to provide energy services and cut costs. The energy upgrades have changed their lives.

Homeowners Bruce and Berna McCloud are now living a more comfortable life thanks in larger part to the Knoxville Extreme Energy Makeover Program or the “KEEM team.”

“Before we had this work done, sometimes our bill was over $200,” said Bruce McCloud.Previous story:Owners, renters of older Knoxville homes may be eligible for energy-saving program

“The most important thing we could tell were the windows. They were just absolutely miserable trying to keep out the cold air and the heat to make it more comfortable to live, but we’re fine now,” said Berna McCloud.

Jason Estes with the CAC explained some of the upgrades that were installed.

“Right off we noticed some air leakage into the home. We installed windows on this house, the AC unit, we did the attic insulation and we also reduced the air and filtration the home,” said Estes.

“When we were looking at their chart, it’s almost about right under 30 percent when you look at the actual bill reduction,” said Erin Gill Director of Sustainability. “So every home that we designed is to save 25 percent, so it’s great in a situation like this to see those number some down even further because that’s real money and savings for the family.”

The program has only been around for one year so Gill says there’s plenty funding left from the TVA grant. if you want to apply, you can call CAC at 865-244-0380 or go to This program is a first come, first served basis and this is a free program.