Knox Co. mayor Glenn Jacobs opposes county fire tax

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Knox County mayor Glenn Jacobs has announced his opposition to a proposed county fire tax.

It’s an issue that was first brought up last month, when they recommended the UT County Technical Assistance Service emergency response and efficiency study in Knox County. The study recommends creating a Knox County Fire Rescue department, along with a county-wide tax to pay for services.

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Last week, WATE 6 On Your Side spoke with Rural Metro Fire, one of the three fire departments that Knox County residents rely on for services.

RMF told us they’re doing great financially, and actually disagree with the study’s efficiency results.

In a tweet that opened to the Mayor’s Update, Jacobs shared his statement on the study (about 3:15 minutes into the update video) and subsequent recommendation for the county fire tax.  

Mayor Glenn Jacobs now saying he is proud of the work done by our existing stations and would rather work with them to improve coverage than to make what he called unnecessary changes. 

“We are way ahead of Tennessee in fire prevention,” Jacobs said. “I do not and will not support a fire tax. As I have said before, I get very nervous when government steps in to fix something that isn’t really broken.” 

The Knox County Commission tells us they will revisit this discussion in the months to come, but for now, jail overcrowding and the capital needs of our school system are among their top priorities. 

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