KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Suspected overdose deaths are still happening in Knox County, but the 2019 totals show a decrease from 2018.

On Wednesday, the Knox County District Attorney General’s Office released its 2019 report for total suspected overdose deaths.

Data provided by Knox County Forensic Center revealed the trend is down for 2019, with a total of 240 deaths compared to 2018’s 294 deaths. The year 2017 saw 293 deaths, while 2016 saw 224 deaths.

In 2019, the months of April and November were most deadly, with 32 in the spring month and 30 in the autumn month. The summer month of June came in third at 23 deaths.

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The DA’s office, along with the Drug Related Death Task Force, has been collecting fatal overdose data since 2016, hoping to find a way to fight the opioid epidemic, drug-related deaths and crime.

In the state of Tennessee overall, there were 1,818 overdose deaths in 2018, with 1,304 of those deaths involving opioids.

The Tennessee Department of Health has not yet released the 2019 yearly totals in its Tennessee Drug Overdose Dashboard page.