KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Knox County Health Department held its final regularly scheduled COVID-19 briefing Thursday but stressed the pandemic is not over.

Charity Menefee, director of communicable and environmental disease and emergency preparedness for the department, said the department will continue to provide updated data and release information to the public.

“These briefings are one of the tools in our toolbox in communication,” Menefee said. “We feel that we are at a point where we can step back from theses but we will still continue putting out information and guidance every day.

“We’re really just trying to get back to some of our pre-pandemic ways of communicating with the media at this point.”

The daily briefings began March 25, 2020, and were cut to weekly earlier this year.

Menefee also talked about the pause that is being placed on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as concerns over blood clots continue to be investigated. She said the vaccine is not gone and there are plenty of Pfizer and Moderna doses available.