KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE)- One Knox County man is happy to be back on the ground after spending nearly three hours in a construction lift stuck 50 feet in the air.

Rural Metro and Knox County Rescue Squad were called out to a home in Halls Monday night to rescue a man who was cutting trees in his backyard when a branch fell on the machine.

Larry Lay said, “I was in a 50-foot bucket lift and trimming and chopping trees.”

Lay said he was spending the day Monday sprucing up his yard until his outdoor yard work was put on pause.

“The last one I cut, when it fell, it fell across the electric controls of the lift and completely destroyed it,” Lay explained. 

Lay had no way to get back down and had to call emergency crews for help. “We set up a high angle rescue to get this man out of the tree,” said Lieutenant Jeremiah McLeod with Rural Metro.

They had to set up several rope systems to bring him to safety.

McLeod stated, “we probably had him down from on scene in an hour to an hour and a half.”

“He was in good spirits the whole time, talking to our rescuers that went up in the tree and got him,” Rural Metro Lieutenant MEDIC, Randy Wilson said. 

Lay only had minor scratches on his arms and legs.

“Once he got to the ground we checked him out medically and he advised that he had no complaints and he was just glad to be back on the ground and asked for a bottle of water,” Wilson said.

McLeod said it could have been a different situation- one much worse,

“That guy could have been up there for, if he didn’t have family or friends nearby, days. It could have been a whole different outcome.”

Lay said he’s just glad to be back on the ground.

“I’m very thankful,” he said. “I’m doing fine and I thank everybody that had anything to do with my rescue.”

Lay said he rented the lift and had insurance on the equipment. He added that he’ll be back out cutting limbs when he’s able to get another lift.