KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Families all over East Tennessee are getting used to this new normal at the same time making sure their children’s education is on track.

Just recently, Knox County Schools outlined a plan on how to keep kids learning called “KCS At Home.”

  • It will be implemented by April 6 while tech devices are distributed to students who don’t have access at home and educational resources are developed.
  • All resources are based on content already taught during the school year.
  • Teachers will support these resources one of the following four ways: Canvas, Microsoft Teams, Aspen or telephone.
  • Participation is voluntary for students and completion will not impact a student’s grade.

The last few weeks the Stiles family set up a makeshift classroom in their home.

“It’s a lot of change that everybody is going through right now,” Wendy Stiles says.

Her boys go to Farragut Intermediate and they’ve been working on projects and packets from their tutors.

“It’s really hard because they don’t want to do it. ‘Why are we doing it? We’re not in school right now,’ and I’ve had to explain to them right now we’re in a different time, a different world and environment than we were three weeks ago. So, we don’t get a lack in education or get lazy. We have to do this,” Stiles said.

Stiles, who is also the president of the Knox County PTA, said while getting the distance learning plan started took time, school leaders and leadership is improving.

“In a time of struggle, you want guidance,” Stiles said. “You want to feel you’re not alone, and I saw that on a lot of chats that parents were upset, wanted materials and wanted guidance and I think that we’re now getting it.”

It’s been tough and stressful on her boys’ teachers as well, but Stiles says there’s peace of mind knowing this plan covers material students were already taught during the school year.

“We want to keep our kids sharp, we want to keep them focused, and we want to keep them on the educational track. As parents, I don’t personally know the material and I couldn’t teach them.”

While what’s next is still unknown, the Stiles family feels the school system is heading in the right direction.

“Right now taking it one day at a time because every day is a new day. I’m not focused on next year so far we have such good teachers that they will bounce them back quickly,” added Stiles.