Knoxville, Tenn. (WATE) — The Knox County Highway Department is preparing for the additional incoming snow. They applied approximately 50,000 gallons of liquid salt brine to all county and arterial roads on Wednesday, Jan. 5.

Their crews switched to regular salt and began preparing roadways again early on Thursday, Jan. 6.

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs said Thursday that “These teams read updates from the National Weather Service, make safety plans, coordinate schedules, and monitor roads days ahead of the snowfall. They work through the night and in early hours of the morning to ensure our roads are as safely passable as they can be.”

The county says its highway department is equipped with up to 14 brine and granular road salt spreading trucks, 17 snowplows that can be attached to dump trucks as needed, and 12 four-wheel-drive trucks that will be equipped with smaller snowplows to prepare the more narrow roads.

Highway Department crews want to remind drivers to stay off the roads whenever possible during inclement weather incidents until they have been cleared. Main thoroughfares and known problem areas will be cleared first, followed by complaints and secondary roads.