KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Stories have gone viral of bartenders helping when a date goes bad, now, one bar in Knoxville is making sure every staff member knows how to safely intervene when they see signs of potential assault or unwanted behaviors.

The staff at Barrelhouse by Gypsy Circus in Knoxville received training from the Sexual Assault Center of East TN and Knox County Health Department as a part of the Safe Bar program. During the training, staff learned how to recognize signs of potential assault or unwanted behaviors, how to safely intervene or respond to sexual assault and how alcohol and drugs can play a role.

The program was an initiative developed by the Sexual Assault Center of Middle Tennessee to train local bars and restaurants in bystander intervention while raising awareness about alcohol’s role in sexual assault. Barrelhouse is the first bar in Knoxville to complete the training.

“This was an important initiative for our company and our employees. We have a tremendous amount of traffic through our taproom through the week, and if we can help someone access protection and prevent harm to them, we feel it’s our place to do that,” said Barrelhouse co-owner Stephanie Carson.

“The staff at Barrelhouse by Gypsy Circus was very receptive to the program and a pleasure to train. Our goal with the Safe Bar program is to help reduce the incidences of sexual assault in Knoxville by preparing bar staff to better recognize and respond to predatory or concerning behaviors in their establishments,” said Amy Rowling, Violence Prevention Health Educator, Knox County Health Department.

A window cling will be displayed at the entrance so patrons know it is a safe place they can access help.