KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Knoxville Beer Board has revoked Billiards and Brews’ beer permit after being cited 18 times for violating the county’s curfew, and after a man was shot to death in the parking lot back in December.

This is a revocation from the city beer board, not a suspension like Paul’s Oasis was given last week.

Knoxville City Code states that a permittee whose permit is revoked cannot reapply for a beer permit for 10 years.

State regulators suspended Billiards and Brews’ liquor license in January.

In the hearing held on Tuesday, the city asked the beer board to suspend the bar’s beer permit for at least 75 days and after that until the bar agrees to follow the rules — however the sentence was even harsher.

“Billiards & Brews is by far the single most flagrant violator of the Board of Health’s pandemic safety measures,” Mayor Kincannon said. “Testimony from the Knoxville Police Department, in fact, showed that the bar’s 18 citations over three months set a record for the most in recent memory. The bar owner and managers repeatedly made conscious decisions to violate the law, and those decisions – during a health emergency that has killed more than 500 Knox County residents – put our community unnecessarily in greater danger.” 

Something to note, the beer board did not blame the bar for the December shooting.