Knoxville cake artist makes custom designs for Halloween

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At Magpies Bakery in Knoxville, one cake artist isn’t clowning around with Halloween just around the corner.

“I don’t make cakes that have two eyes staring back at you because I want you to think that’s delicious,” said Sarah Ono Jones, a cake artist.

Whether it’s a beating heart or a bloodshot eyeball, Sarah is shocking people with her pieces of art, made out of cake.

“Anything that involves blood and guts,” said Jones.

One of her creations was featured on the Season 3 of the Food Network’s Halloween Wars.

“My favorite piece in the entire world is the one that won we $50,000,” said Jones. “The pumpkin was about 15 hundred pounds. It had to be lifted with a forklift. It had boils and ooze coming out of it.”

From festivals to cake competitions, Jones has won countless awards through her 10 years of experience.

Jones adds, “You have to know how to structure a cake so that it doesn’t collapse, you have to know how to sculpt it and ice it, there’s so many different aspects to cake decorating.”

Paramount Pictures asking for a heart cake for the ‘Mother’ movie premiere, is just one of the unique requests she has received.

“Last week I was shipping off a zombie head to Colorado,” said Jones.

Jones’ festive work is sometimes inspired by her role as the makeup manager at Dead Man’s Farm in Lenoir City.

“We are airbrushing, sculpting wounds and doing all kinds of stuff, making your nightmares come true,” said Jones. “I remember being a little kid watching horror films and just being so scared. I love anything spooky so it just really ties in together, the makeup and the cake.”

Halloween may be her busy season, but you’ll also find her crafting other beautiful designs like wedding cakes the rest of the year.

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