KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Since it fell under new ownership last year, shoppers in East Knoxville and surrounding areas have been waiting for the Knoxville Center Mall’s revitalization.

“There are so many empty spaces,” said one shopper. “It’s very disappointing. I don’t understand why because it’s a beautiful mall inside.”

Mall management would not discuss the mall’s retail future other than to say they are trying to bring in more retailers.

“We always will continue looking for to give our customers the needs that they are wanting, and as long as they continue to keep wanting retail, we are going to continue to fill out the mall with as many retail stores, outlets and big boxes,” said Kate Vaughn with the mall.

The mall will be focusing on events as well as retailers.

“We’re trying to add a couple more layers of popups in and more of the creative local markets in to really bring more of a midday, morning, night and do things for all different ages,” said Vaughn.

The mall wants to be more than just somewhere to shop.

“We’re looking for more ways to get involved in community organizations and just continue to boost an open door aspect of the events that we have, so, they’re not only centered towards a certain demographic or age group, but, so we can have a little something for everybody.”