KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Knoxville City Council passed a resolution 7-2 Tuesday night that will allow the mayor to apply for a Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity or RAISE grant.

The grant comes from the Federal Department of Transportation, and if awarded, would be put towards building a pedestrian bridge connecting the University of Tennessee campus to the South Knoxville riverfront.

The grant would total $25 million, and if awarded, the City of Knoxville and UT would contribute $6.25 million. UT is also set to acquire the $9 million riverfront property to assist with student housing needs.

Some Knoxville council members and residents believe the federal money should go toward other projects that they feel are more pressing.

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Tyler Givens spoke in opposition to the bridge at the council meeting and believes the money could be put toward transportation.

“We could take this grant money and apply it to KAT, to expand routes, to buy more electric buses, or do more electric bus charging stations, have more covered bus stops, there are a lot of things we could use this infrastructure money for that would improve our transportation. This bridge is such a UT-centric kind of commitment,” Givens said.

City Council Member Amelia Parker also expressed concern about which issues to prioritize.

“What we need to decide is what is the priority this year. What is the priority now? It’s understandable that many in our community do not see this as the priority,” Parker said.

Parker also suggested that the pedestrian bridge may be something to look at in the future when other issues are taken care of. Council Member Tommy Smith said that comparing projects delays progress.

“Changing plans every year is exactly how you don’t get to realize something that’s a vision for an entire community it takes decades to see through and sure you adapt along the way,” Smith said.

The resolution allows the mayor to apply for the RAISE grant, and accept it if granted. However, the mayor said that there are still more steps to be taken before the plan for the bridge is official.