KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A Knoxville couple says they owe their lives to three firemen who saved them during the Gatlinburg fires. Tiki and Jennifer Dixon were staying at Buckberry Lodge in Gatlinburg to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary. Their week of celebration turned into a day of terror.

“I open up the curtains to look out and we saw embers just like snowballs,” said Tiki Dixon.

A firestorm was right outside of their room at Buckberry Lodge. They frantically packed their things and sprinted to the car.

“The sky is lit up as orange and the tree tops are on fire,” said Tiki Dixon.

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They tried to escape the chaotic scene but one of those trees blocked the only road to get out. Jennifer Dixon said she felt hopeless until their heroes found them. Three firefighters came to them just moments after Tiki and Jennifer got to the tree.

“God had split the Red Sea and through it came a fire truck,” said Jennifer Dixon.

The three firemen cut the tree in front of them so they could get out.

“If they had not come when they did, we would have perished,” said Jennifer Dixon.

Tiki Dixon is humbled by the firefighter’s actions. He said after they helped the couple get out safely, the firemen went up the road into the fire to help more people.

“They made sure we were safe before they moved on,” said Tiki Dixon.

The heroes moved on before the Dixons could say “thank you.” They hope to meet the firefighters in person because they said they would not be alive today without them.

“It really made a difference at least in our lives, having them there. We are forever changed,” said Tiki Dixon.