KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Getting rid of items that have sentimental value can be difficult for families who have dealt with a loss or others who can no longer stay in their homes.   

Estate sale companies try to make the process a little easier and right now is their busiest time of year.  Not only do these sales benefit the homeowner and company but those who are looking to buy.

“I just bought a house and I’ve been looking for a couple of pieces that would complement my home really well and I think the most affordable place to find things sometimes is at an estate sale,” said Hannah Wallace.  

Wallace is one of several dozen people who were looking for a treasure in this estate sale in Old North Knoxville.   

“The person who lived here is actually a professor emeritus from the University of Tennessee, who traveled extensively,” said Encore Estate Solutions owner Oliver Lang. “The items you see in this house and the library are absolutely incredible.”  

From scrolls to precious China and clothing there’s no limit to what you may find. Lang said he knows the hunt for a good buy at an estate sale can be exciting, but it’s also an emotional time for the homeowner.   

Typically, he speaks to those who have just lost a family member or someone who must go into assisted living, and sometimes the homes are in deplorable conditions.   

“There are times where we’ve had to order 30-yard dumpsters,” Lang said. “There’s one sale where we filled two 30-yard 30 dumpsters before we could start placing and staging.”  

This isn’t just a full-time job for Lang, but a way to honor his wife’s legacy.   

“It was started by my wife,” he stated. “I’m retired from Tennessee School for the Deaf. She unexpectedly passed away two and a half years ago and at the time I was leaving my place of employment and I couldn’t see the staff that she had losing their boss, friend, and their jobs and so I just said, I can do this, we can do this, and it’s been a joy.”  

The money earned helps those live a better life. 

“Most of the time we sell between, in some cases, 95 percent of the items in the house, which is extraordinary really.”  

Helping people find treasures while also assisting families during difficult times. 

Lang said his company has a certified appraiser who goes over every item to price things accordingly.   

They do both in-home and online sales, and their company receives a percentage of the money earned.   

Lang recommends that if you’re looking for an estate sale company, to make sure they are licensed and insured.