Knoxville family unable to run heat as floodwaters linger

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If you haven’t been outside, the temperature has dropped, dipping into the teens for the first time since late January.

While many people are turning up the heat right now, at least one local family can not.

Lingering floodwaters are covering up part of their heating unit outside the home, preventing them from turning it on.

Mary Dailey is piling up the blankets and getting ready for a bitter night ahead.

“Everytime you get out of bed, I’m froze. Just to get up to go to the bathroom or get a cup of water or something, it’s really cold. Really cold,” Dailey said.

Cold – because she says she can’t turn on her heating unit. 

It’s partially covered in floodwater that’s sticking around since heavy rain poured down a little more than a week ago.

“We still can’t cut on our heat because if we cut on our heat it will mess up the heat pump,” said Dailey.

And that’s leaving Dailey turning to other sources to keep the house warm.

“I got this little heater, and I keep it turned on high and sometimes I cut my oven back on to get the house a little warm, but I can’t leave it on at nighttime so I have to cut it off,” she said. “It feels like you’re walking outside in the snow and with no coat.”

Dailey says she is now just waiting for the water to go back down, so she can turn her heat back on.

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