Knoxville firm offers free legal help for furloughed workers

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A Knoxville attorney is offering free legal help for workers affected by the government shutdown.

Marcos Garza says his office has already gotten a few of calls from people worried about things like mortgage payments and utility payments while no paychecks are coming in.

Garza says none of them have faced eviction or had their power cut off. But if demands for payments start coming in, his office might be able to take some steps that could stave off some problems. 

“I find that a lot of times people are just overwhelmed by the situation,” Garza said. “And if they can call here and we can have a conversation about what is likely to happen what we can do for them if this does happen or that does happen. A lot of times people are just really put at ease.”

Garza says the in a worst case scenario, an injunction could be filed to put a halt on things like a default on a mortgage.

He expects it could be successful, especially since people affected by this would eventually be paid or by the time any legal action makes its way to the courthouse the shutdown might be over.

Garza thinks judges would look favorably on all this since a shutdown this long is so unprecedented.

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