KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Been to the gas station rental office or grocery store recently? Well, you’ve probably noticed, it’s costing more. Inflation has spiked to the highest rate in forty years. One Knoxville food blogger has some advice for saving money at the grocery store.

“Buying rice and beans in bulk. They last a really long time and they’re kind of a blank slate,” said food blogger Krista DeSocio. “Buying big things like snacks, even like raisins, you can put them in packets like this to send in the kids’ lunch boxes versus buying all of those boxes. This is a great way to save some money here.”

DeSocio also says you want to buy the store brand if you can as that can shave off extra money and check the ‘sell by date but don’t be intimidated by it.

“If you can shop early in the mornings, that is when the grocery stores are mostly empty, and the employees start putting sales on items like meat and fish and poultry. If you see a meat that is 50 percent off but the sell-by date is today or tomorrow, buy that and use it today or tomorrow. The food is still perfectly fine, because I’m saving 50 percent, so why wouldn’t I?”

Her other tips include; signing up for stores’ loyalty programs or emails to remind you about upcoming sales and if you can don’t do all your shopping in person.

“What’s going to happen, you’re not going pick up all of those cute random things. I’m hungry so I’m picking up cookies I really don’t need. A lot of grocery stores now, it’s free curbside, so load up your cart, stick to your recipe and your family’s needs and you’ll save a lot of money there as well.”

If you want to check out her food blog ‘Desocio in the Kitchen’, click here.