KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Central Filling Station, the popular food truck park in North Knoxville, will not reopen this year. The future of the property remains unclear.

Charles Ellis, general manager of Yee-Haw Brewing and Central Filling Station, told WATE that it will not reopen this year after closing for the winter in December.

“During the pandemic, it was a safe haven for people that wanted to remain outdoors. We were happy to be able to offer that,” Ellis said in a statement. “However, now people are more comfortable being inside and we’ve seen a sharp decline in business where it doesn’t make sense for us to remain open.”

Central Filling Station opened in 2018 at 900 N. Central St and featured a rotating lineup of local food truck vendors with on-site bar service. It frequently featured live music performances.

The property is owned by SMJT Real Estate Group, who acquired the Central Filling Station business from founders Alden and Scott Larrick, in 2020. The group also owns the neighboring property that now features Yee-Haw Brewing.

Ellis said the future plans for the property remain undetermined at this time.