Knoxville homeowners affected by storm damage

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Cleanup efforts are underway Tuesday, after strong winds and rain blew through our area overnight, leaving behind debris and damage. 

Daylight brought with it a better view of the damage. Coventry Road homeowner Brian Toomey walked us through the aftermath of a pine tree snapping onto his home.

“It just got louder and louder and like 30 seconds later – giant bam on the house,” Toomey said. 

Tree limbs ripping through the ceiling of his living room, a bathroom and even his four-year-old son’s bedroom. A branch missed the little boy’s bed by just a few feet.

“Literally we were asleep and 30 seconds later the house is crushed, so just happy, happy that no one is hurt and we can rebuild and move on,” Toomey said. 

Other people living in the subdivision were also left with lots to clean up.

“It’s blown the crawl space door out and it’s pulled the insulation,” said homeowner David Mynatt.

But looking at his yard, littered with branches and leaves, the thought that comes to Mynatt’s mind, he said, “Fortunate, fortunate. That this is all we have to worry about.”

And fortunate is exactly what his across-the-street neighbor, Toomey, is thinking too. 

“I’m very grateful that no one was hurt, and it happened so fast, I mean you never think anything like this will happen,” Toomey said. 

Toomey and his two little boys, who were inside at the time the tree toppled, are all okay and safe.

The next step is construction to repair their home. They’ll be living with family while that’s going on.

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