KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A Knoxville man was sentenced to 68 years in prison for shooting two people in North Knoxville on December 2013.

Nathan Garfield Flemming, IV, 24, was convicted of two counts each of attempted first degree murder, especially aggravated robbery, aggravated robbery and carjacking. He was also convicted of four counts of employing a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony.

The Knox County District Attorney’s Office said on December 26, 2013 officers responded to a shooting on Cedar Avenue in North Knoxville. According to the sentencing order, James Reed Daniels was shot five times and Mateo Gaspar was shot twice. Both were taken to University of Tennessee Medical Center for emergency surgery.

A victim testified during the trial that Flemming entered a house on Cedar Avenue with a pistol and put the gun to his or her head. Then he grabbed a Glock pistol sitting on the kitchen counter at the house.

Daniels tried to confront Flemming and Flemming shot him once, according to the victim. After Daniels fell to the floor, the victim testified that Flemming stood over him and fired four more rounds into his body.

According to Judge Bob R. McGee’s sentencing order, Daniels was hospitalized about two months and had to have fifteen feet of intestine removed. Judge McGee said his ability to adsorb nutrients from food was so diminished that his teeth fell out, he lost his spleen, one kidney and half a lung.

Afterwards, the district attorney’s office said Flemming ran out of the house to Gaspar’s house next door and demanded his car at gunpoint. Prosecutors said Gaspar fought with Flemming and was shot twice in the arm, then Flemming drove off in his car.

“Mateo Gaspar was in his car with his two young children and his brother when the defendant approached him. While carrying a loaded handgun the defendant reached into the car and struggled with Mr. Gaspar in an effort to pull him out of the car. During that struggle the gun could easily have discharged and either or both of the children, the brother or any neighbor or passerby could have been wounded or killed. This circumstance combined with the magnitude and severity of the injuries to James Reed Daniels and Mateo Gaspar support a finding that the circumstances are aggravated.

Judge McGee said Gaspar bullet wound to his arm damaged bone and required bone surgery and a three-day stay in the hospital. He said the injury also diminished his ability to perform manual labor to support his family.

“The defendant had no hesitation about committing a crime when the risk to human life was high. One bullet missed the intended victim and penetrated a wall into the outdoors in residential neighborhood where anyone might have been struck,” wrote Judge McGee in the sentencing order.

The Knox County District Attorney’s Office said Flemming was a known Bloods gang member. In court, Flemming testified describing his life as being committed to taking drugs and dealing drugs.

“Gang members who commit such violent acts will receive no leniency from this Office,” said Knox County District Attorney Charme Allen. “If you have so little regard for human life, you deserve to be locked up for as long as possible.”

The pre-sentence investigation report shows that the defendant has been diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder, severe cannabis use disorder, severe opioid use disorder, and substance abuse psychotic disorder.