KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A Knoxville man faces a litany of charges after police say he squeezed his infant child to stop him from crying and tried to throw the child’s mother into a smoker.

Charges listed for Keotric Tucker, 28, include child abuse, aggravated assault, domestic assault and attempted second degree murder.

Police reports show officers were called to a home on Lilac Avenue just after 10:30 p.m. Saturday. 

The reports say Tucker arrived at the home unannounced and said he wanted his son. The child’s mother refused to give him the infant, saying she was changing his diaper. Tucker is accused of then grabbing the woman by the neck and trying to strangle her.

Tucker then allegedly took the child outside and was followed by the child’s mother, trying to get the child back. The report says he gave the child to his 7-year-old and slammed the woman against the hood of a vehicle.

He’s then accused of dragging the woman to the back of the home, picking her up and trying to throw her into a large steel smoker. The woman struggled to get free, undergoing several injuries during the process, including being allegedly bitten by Tucker several times.

The woman said Tucker told her he wanted to see her burn and tied her to the lid of the smoker by her dreadlocks.

By the time officers had arrived, they say Tucker had grabbed his son from the woman’s arms and had his arms wrapped around the infant, squeezing him until he stopped screaming and became limp. The infant was unresponsive until officers were able to pry his hands apart.

The infant had redness and bruising and was taken to UT Medical Center for treatment, as was the child’s mother.