KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A recent car accident has changed a man’s life forever, as he is now paralyzed. The man now fighting to recover is Jason Boucher. Melissa Moore, who has been with Boucher for 13 years, said they are working to get through this as a family.

“Together we make quite the team,” Moore said.

Moore has spent many years by Boucher’s side. She and their daughter Zoey have always been Boucher’s biggest cheerleaders. Now after a tragic accident that has changed his life, their support will remain.

“The stop sign had snuck up on him and when he hit the brake he slid—the road was wet, it was slippery, so they didn’t work on him so he hit a pole,” Moore said. “If he didn’t hit that pole and he went over it’s more than likely he would not be with us here today.”

The accident took place just days ago at the intersection of Porterfield Gap Road and Boyds Creek Highway leaving Boucher paralyzed waist down and he currently doesn’t have use of his hands. It was a moment Moore said was the last thing she would have ever expected after Zoey asked to call her father.

“She called him video chat to say, ‘I beat mommy at bingo daddy,’ and all of a sudden it wasn’t him who answered the phone. It was an EMT.”

That’s when Moore was told that neighbors around the area rushed to the car after it hit a telephone line, which stopped the vehicle from going over a ledge.

“Thank you guys (neighbors) for rushing out and lending a healing hand to him. We really from the bottom of our hearts,” Moore said.

As the family works to get back to living life together as a team, Moore said she knows it will be challenging, but she’s thankful Boucher is still alive.

“It’s quite a change from where he was four days, three days ago till now. I’m thankful for God, that’s what I’m thankful for because I fully believe that He was with him and he still is,” she said.

To help Boucher continue his fight, a GoFundMe has been created.