Knoxville man searching for Good Samaritan who folded late father’s flag

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An East Tennessee man is looking to thank the good Samaritan who folded his late father’s American flag after it fell from the flagpole in his front yard. 

The stars and stripes hold a special meaning for Bryan Butler, who’s dad Charlie passed away in December. His father was a Korean War Veteran and the family installed the flagpole 20 years ago at their home in the Cedar Bluff neighborhood. 
“I miss him and I spent a lot of time with him and at this house. It means a lot,” said Bryan Butler, from Knoxville. “It was something that he was real proud of so I wanted to keep this flag going in his front yard.”

Since his father passed away, Bryan has been taking care of his home on Elkmont Road. But when the U.S. flag on his dad’s flagpole went missing, Bryan assumed he would never see it again. 

“The flag was gone and the rope was broken. I just figured it had blown away or someone might have taken it,” said Butler. 

A day later, while mowing the lawn, Bryan noticed something sitting on the chair of his dad’s front porch.

“I came over to take a break and here was the flag, folded up nice and neat, just like this.”

A good Samaritan saw the flag after it fell and took it upon themselves to neatly fold it, following proper care protocol. 

Butler adds, “I think it was pretty neat the way they did it.”

Thirteen folds of the flag holds great significance and that’s exactly what the mystery do-gooder did. Each fold symbolizes freedom, life and a tribute to those who serve in the armed forces, ust like Bryan’s dad Charlie. 

“My dad would have really appreciated it and I really appreciate it. From what I’ve heard so far, the neighbors appreciate it too,” said Butler. 

Bryan is now on a mission to find whoever is responsible for the good deed. He hopes to one day thank the person who took the time out of their day to make this patriotic effort. 

In the meantime, the Butler family plans on fixing up the flagpole and raising the flag. 

“We’ll keep on the tradition,” said Butler. 

Butler owns an Edible Arrangement store in Knoxville and he wants to send an arrangement to the person who did this simple act of kindness. 

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