KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knoxville man has left Tennessee to tend to those in Ukraine who need medical assistance.

Russ Frazier is a physician, the chief of Knox County Rescue and part of the Knox County SWAT team. With the many titles he’s had over the years, his wife, Kim Frazier, said it prepared him for this moment. He’s now on the ground in Ukraine providing patient care and medical training to the military and residents.

“We’ve been so inspired by the hope and the honor shown by the Ukrainian people and their leadership,” Kim said. “So when he got the call, he’s always ready to do the work, but he was cautious and said he wanted to talk with his family first,” she said.

Russ is taking part in assisting a non-government organization known Global Surgical Medical Support Group (GSMSG). The non-profit dedicates time toward providing medical relief to communities in need.

After a conversation Russ had with his wife and two sons, it became clear that he had to go.

“Our teenage sons were so hopeful, and they said, ‘dad you have to do this,'” Kim said.

Within 12 hours, he was packed. His family said goodbye and are hoping he will be able to return home in two weeks.

“You know, when things like this happen, you just respond,” Kim said.

Kim said this is definitely a time not only her husband, but anyone who can help is needed.

“If you have skills and talents and gifts, give them,” she said. “That’s really what my husband is all about. That’s just who he is, he’s just built that way, and that’s really one of the reasons I fell so deeply in love with him was because he had such a love for serving others.”

Global Surgical Medical Support Group runs solely on donations, Frazier said. If you would like to donate to the nonprofit, you can do so by visiting their website.