KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A family in East Knoxville is grateful to be alive after a terrifying event Sunday night. Lisa Salazar lives close to the county line and says it’s not uncommon to hear fireworks this time of year, but this time, it wasn’t fireworks.

She and her family have lived in East Knoxville for about a year after moving from the other side of town. They wanted to find a home to rent instead of an apartment.

“It’s pretty quiet,” Salazar said. “I feel like, especially the Hillside Street, everybody is here to help you.”

On Sunday, her 11-year-old son Hunter was at a friend’s house and stayed the night. They all had big plans for the Fourth of July but those plans quickly changed.

“We went to bed around 10:30. My fiancé said it was like 2:30 in the morning, and I woke him up. It sounded like something fell, like a picture fell.” Lisa added, “it might have been 15, 20 minutes later I heard what sounded like two knocks.”

Lisa checked her doorbell cameras, but there was nothing there. So, she went back to bed.

“I got up around 7:30, 7:45 Monday morning and went to the bathroom and noticed a little groove on the doorframe leading to the hallway that wasn’t there the night before.”

She said she noticed several more bullet holes in her son’s room.

“So, he [Lisa’s fiance] got up and we started looking in the room, and he’s the one who moved the pillow and that when we saw the bullet hole that would have been when my child was home, it would have been where he was.”

She then called her landlord and the police.

“I was in shock and I was like, I’m lucky to be alive,” said Hunter.

His mom was in shock too. She said this could have been a different story being told,

“That was my first thought, is I could be planning a funeral. I could not have my baby.”

She said her message to those who live in the community is, “watch where you shoot because bullets have to land somewhere.”

There were a total of 8 visible bullet holes that were in her home. Any one of them could have hit Hunter if he was home or his parents as one of the bullets was in Lisa and her fiancé’s bedroom door.

A police report was filed and the damage to the home is estimated to be around $15,000.