KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Marcy Conway is a mother and an author, two worlds that have collided as she has written multiple books giving her own type of motherly advice. She shares guides to popular attractions within East Tennessee, with her latest being on Knoxville.

“I think as a mom we have a great gift living right here in beautiful Knoxville and this East Tennessee location is fantastic,” she said.

When Conway noticed Knoxville was growing, she wanted to be able to provide information to newcomers, including moms.

She knew there were a lot of ways to keep children busy, but among her favorite to share, she loves the outdoor spaces city has to offer. There are over 4,500 acres of green and open spaces according to visit Knoxville.

“I’m a single mom of two and we love to go and do, we like to be very active, and Knoxville is a great place to go and be active,” Conway said.

Her book will take you along the ins and outs of the place she calls home, and it’s a home she’s happy to share with her kids.

“I told them today that they are the reason that I’m a mom and they are my greatest blessing,” Conway said. “Knoxville gives us this area where I can spend so much time with them and I don’t have to go far, so it’s right here and just being together with them is just – that just means the world to me,” she said.

Conway has also written guides on things to do in Dollywood and the Smokies. To find all of her books, including her latest on Knoxville, you can find out more through her Amazon profile.