KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — As the war in Eastern Europe continues, Ukrainians have fled the country for safety. Some of them have come to Knoxville.

That means a new home, new culture, and new language. Knoxville non-profit, the Center for English, is helping make the transition easier. They’re teaching four Ukrainians English.

The Center for English puts on classes four days a week, teaching English to adults at seven different levels.

“We start at zero. Those that come in with absolutely no English whatsoever and we continue through advanced,” executive director Sandra Fugate said. “We make sure they know their address and their phone number for emergency purposes. They need to know of course their alphabet, numbers, things like that. Especially body parts and things that are going to be important to them as far as their health and the health of their children.”

As the war unfolds overseas, the Center for English has welcomed some new faces: four Ukrainians who recently fled to Knoxville.

“Two of them came in knowing English pretty well,” Fugate said. “One of them is a mid-level student, she reads and writes English better than she speaks it. And she is shy about conversation, but in time that will change. I feel sure. The other lady is a beginner, but she’s working really hard.”

It’s not lost on Fugate the importance of providing the skill, especially when conversations like health or safety are on the line.

“It is critical. You can actually even say maybe life-saving,” Fugate said.

The Center for English is volunteer-based. If you’re interested in learning more, donating or serving, you can visit the non-profit’s website.