Knoxville paranormal investigators search for haunted activity at Greystone Manor

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Legend has it that within the walls of the 19th-century landmark of Greystone Manor there are paranormal spirits. This includes Major Eldad Cicero Camp, a Union officer in the Civil War, who built the house back in 1890.

Now, it’s home to the WATE 6 on Your Side studios and working alongside paranormal spirits didn’t exactly sit well some of the staff.  That’s why Appalachian Paranormal Investigations (API) came to the Greystone in an overnight quest to find paranormal spirits.

Beginning on the third floor, the sensor light began going off, manipulating the electromagnetic field equipment API uses.

“We did a baseline sweep beforehand, we know it was nothing man-made, so it was probably something paranormal,” said API Co-founder Joshua Ooten. “Something was manipulating the field that was not man-made.”

Ooten says his team knows there are a woman, child and at least one man sticking around the building, according to their 2012 investigation.

“We’ve had some sporadic EMF activity, which just means something has been manipulating the EMF field and we’re not sure exactly what it is,” said Ooten.  “Whether the entities that could be here are just trying to figure out how the devices work or something else is going on but it’s something outside the norm. So, there’s definitely something strange going on at Greystone.”

Along with API, we took our efforts downstairs into a part of the station that many try and avoid…the basement. It is also the former newsroom.

From where we store old tape video in the depths of the basement to hunkering down in Don Dare’s office for almost an hour, API searched nearly every inch of the building in search of Major Camp or any paranormal activity.

The verdict? A very sporadic night showing some level of paranormal activity, but not the kind API likes to show as concrete evidence.Related:Tales of ghostly visitors live on in downtown Knoxville

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