KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The city has paid $217,000 to recover data and strengthen data protections in response to last year’s malware attack.

As you may recall, the city’s network was attacked by ransomware in June. A ransomware attack aims to hold information stored on your computer hostage unless you pay the hackers to unlock it.

They asked for 42.5 Bitcoin in ransom money — at the time, that was equivalent to around $393,000.

Invoices were released by the city Wednesday morning. The invoices show the city has paid $217,000 since the attack to fix the problem instead of paying the ransom.

That money went to ransomware recovery experts, protection services to contain the breach, lawyers and problem solving management.

The city says more expenses could still be added to that amount, but as of right now, the decision to fix rather than pay the ransom has saved money in the long run.