A longtime captain with the Knoxville Police Department hopes to conquer a new mountain. He’s been climbing them both for years in reality and symbolically. He’ll be climbing up to Mount Everest’s base camp in October.

Capt. Jeff Stiles was diagnosed in 2014 with a rare form of cancer found in the blood called multiple Myeloma.

Capt. Stiles hiked Machu Picchu in 2016 as a way to raise awareness about this cancer. In a few months he’ll be scaling Mount Everest for that same cause.

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There are four years between Doug and Jeff Stiles, yet they’ve worked side-by-side at KPD for the last 27 years.

“We have fun every day,” said Doug Stiles..

Their every day will be a little different come October. Older brother Doug will be hiking alongside Jeff Stiles to Mount Everest’s base camp.

“I’m not much of a hiker,” said Doug Stiles.

“It’s going to take us about 10 days of climbing to get to the top. We will eventually find Everest base camp at about a little over 18,000 feet of elevation,” added Jeff Stiles.

At the heart of it is the diagnosis Jeff Stiles received in 2014 that he had an incurable cancer called multiple myeloma. He’s in remission today and it’s why he hiked Machu Picchu.

“It actually was kind of a redemption moment, I guess, to come from so far down and being in such bad shape, to be able to find yourself two years after that on the Inca trail,” he said.

The brothers will be hiking alongside other multiple myeloma survivors raising awareness and money for this blood borne cancer.

“I want to support him in everything he does but especially in this with his fight with cancer. So I want to do everything I can to help him and that’s what we’re going to do,” said Doug Stiles.

Their goal is to move mountains for anyone who may get this same diagnosis.

“Any small piece that I can do to raise awareness or provide funding for research that may be that piece that we’re missing, I would feel great if in my lifetime we were able to find a cure,” added Jeff Stiles.

Each brother hopes to raise $10,000 which will go directly to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. Every dollar will be used to study new treatments, advancements, and finding a cure for this cancer.

You can make a financial donation to help them reach their goal by clicking here.