KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) Halloween is about trick-or-treating and all things spooky, but KPD wants to make sure no real scary moments take place in the community. Scott Erland, the communications manager of KPD said it’s important for residents to be reminded of Halloween safety tips to carry into the weekend.

“Our goal every day and over this holiday weekend is to keep everybody safe. Our big concern around the Halloween holiday is there’s going to be a lot more people, a lot more pedestrian foot traffic, particularly in some of those residential neighborhoods,” Erland said.

As kids will be out with their families, Erland advises guardians to make sure trick-or-treaters have on anything that reflects to add to their costume so they’re more noticeable or have a glow stick or flashlight handy. Also, if possible, have the children fill up their bags and buckets when there’s still daylight.

“Make sure that you’re really aware of your surroundings and you’re looking both ways before crossing the road, and that you’re following all of the different rules of the road,” Erland said.

When it comes to the roads, KPD is also giving drivers some tips.

“We really want people to put away the distractions, slow down in those residential neighborhoods and just use extra caution and pay attention to your surroundings,” Erland said.

Whether you’re the driver or following a trick-or-treater, taking extra precautions over the weekend and on Halloween is all KPD wants the community to keep in mind.

“We obviously know that this is a fun weekend for a lot of people we just want to make sure people are being safe,” Erland said.

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