KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Days after severe storms moved across East Tennessee, Knoxville experienced a historic amount of rainfall on Thursday.

Preliminary reports put the total rainfall in Knoxville on Thursday, August 10 at over 2.5 inches, the most on this date since recordkeeping began in 1920. The WATE 6 Storm Team is continuing to monitor reports and confirm an exact rainfall total.

WATE 6 Storm Team Meteorologist Margo Altshuler said the most rainfall that Knoxville had seen on August 10 before Thursday was 2.1 inches in 1920.

While 2.5 inches may seem like a lot of rain for this time of year, there are a few days in August with higher record rainfalls, according to the National Weather Service. The top 5 record rainfalls in Knoxville during the month are:

  • August 24, 1959 – 3.25 inches
  • August 22, 1969 – 3.02 inches
  • August 11, 1983 – 3 inches
  • August 3, 1942 – 2.94 inches
  • August 16, 1964 – 2.9 inches

Most of the showers in the Knoxville area Thursday had moved on by early afternoon, so the final total of rainfall could increase slightly, however, the radar shows only a few potential showers throughout East Tennessee Thursday evening.

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