A popular local business is back in the national spotlight as it continues to help feed furloughed federal workers.

On Sunday, we told you Yassin’s Falafel House is offering free meals to federal employees affected by the shutdown.

Owner Yassin Terou spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper through Facetime Thursday about why it’s important to help people in our community and the amount of support he’s seen in the past few days.

“It’s very important for me and everyone in Knoxville to show the love of the people who serve us all these days all this year,” Terou said. “Show them the love of their own community to appreciate their work.”

“Believe me, Knoxville, Tennessee and America has great people. They will not let us, if they know we need help, they will always provide love and they will be always with us so we’re not worried about providing more and more and more.”

Terou reminded everyone that this offer applies not just to the furloughed government employees but to their families as well.

He says so far they have denied 99 percent of donations given by the community, hoping instead to give out these free meals out-of-pocket.

In October, Yassin’s Falafel House was named ‘Nicest Place in America’ by Reader’s Digest, Good Morning America and 10Best.com.