Knoxville runner finishes soggy Boston Marathon

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Runners who participated in the Boston Marathon this year dealt with awful weather conditions. Among those competitors fighting the icy rain and headwind were 38 athletes from East Tennessee.

Lacy Mangione is one of those runners who powered through 26.2 miles to the finish line.

“Walking to that start line and all the people around you, feeling the same way, there’s an adrenaline,” said Mangione. 

Eight years ago, Mangione took up running. After coming close to qualifying for the Boston Marathon during one of her competitions, she set her sights on the big race. 

But her training didn’t prepare her for the weather, which made the historic course much more difficult. 

“I think to me that was the hardest part of the entire race, just mentally preparing,” said Mangione. “Saying to myself, ‘Okay you’ve already endured this, your fingers are frozen, your toes are cold, you’re soaking wet. You have 26 miles ahead of you.'”

With a raincoat, hat and gloves, she carried on, even though she wanted to give up at times. 

“There were times where I stopped, because I can’t run anymore. My legs are killing me, the rain is hitting me, the wind is pushing, so I stopped and walked a little bit,” she remembers.

People were shouting her number from the sidelines, encouraging her to keep going. 

The support from the Boston community was also shown on the five year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing.  

“You can see the finish line, you think about what happened in 2013 and I cried,” said Mangione. “It makes me tear up now thinking about it. To actually be there in that moment, words can’t describe it.”

After three hours and 52 minutes, Mangione finished the race. 

“It’s one of the best moments of my life.”

Mangione plans on running half marathons for the time being, but she hasn’t thrown out the option of competing again in the Boston Marathon. 

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