KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Mask wearing while traveling is now becoming optional.

A federal judge struck down a national mask mandate on Monday. In response, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced it will no longer enforce masks on airplanes, airports and other mass transit.

In a tweet, McGhee Tyson Airport wrote that “The TSA will no longer enforce the mask mandate, making face masks optional at airports across the US, including at TYS. It is imperative that passengers check with their airline to determine the impacts of this change. International flights may still require a mask.”

“It’s about time,” said traveler Jeanie Burns. “I’m really happy.”

“I think that we had just landed last night here in Knoxville and we heard an announcement over the speaker,” Chris Vande Bunte said. “The exact words were ‘wave them in the air like you just don’t care.’ They said the mask mandate was over and we didn’t need to wear them. It had just come across the wire.”

The ruling frees airlines and mass transit systems to make their own decisions about mask requirements.

Some of the major airlines that fly in and out of Knoxville – American, Delta and United – all confirmed on social media that mask wearing on their flights is no longer required.

“It’s excitement. It’s way overdue,” said Burns. “It was the first thing I saw on the news this morning, I was like alright that mask is not coming out of that bag.”

“For us, masks are not really an inconvenience. My son, our schools had a mask mandate for well over a year. My wife is a quilter, so we have all kinds of great masks. We have sports masks and StarWars masks, everything we could want,” Vande Bunte said. “If it provides even a little bit extra protection, I’m all for it.”

The CDC still recommends you wear a mask when traveling indoors, but again, that is now up to you.