KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — One Knoxville woman got the priceless gift of hearing on Friday thanks to Beltone’s free hearing aid program. Beltone is helping the world hear better through the Beltone Foundation which gives free hearing aids to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them.

“Can you hear me,” asked Hearing Instrument Specialist, Michael Murphy to Marie Breeden? “Oh yeah,” she said back.

“How does it sound,” he asked?

“Amazing,” Breeden replied.

It’s a moment Marie Breeden never thought would come, “I didn’t know I had any hearing in my right ear until I came here.”

Hearing loss is something her whole family has struggled with for years. She remembers being a little girl and her grandparents getting their own hearing aids.

“I always thought it was funny when my grandmother would answer the phone because she would turn it upside down where she could talk into the receiver but she could hear the device that was tucked into her shirt,” Breeden recalled.

Her grandparents chose Beltone back then, and now Beltone is choosing her. “Thank God Beltone’s foundation stepped in and helped me get my hearing aids.”

Murphy said this process would have cost her a pretty penny, “It would have been about $7,000.”

Breeden said, “I was ready to cry because I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for them.”

Now she doesn’t have to. It’s a gift, Michael Murphy, with Beltone is happy to give her, “It means everything. It just solidifies what we’re all about.”

He adds, “we’re about helping people, helping people hear better.”

It’s the small things some may take for granted that Marie Breeden will be happy to hear once again she said, “The birds and we have a little guinea pig at home and it goes weet weet weet weet and ill be able to hear that now.”

Breeded will have several follow-up visits to make sure those hearing aids work properly.

All Beltine hearing aid patients get free annual hearing evaluations, inspections, and cleaning for as long as they own their hearing aids.