Knoxville woman waits months for apartment cleaning payment

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A young Knoxville woman who operates her own cleaning service has had a tough time getting paid by a local apartment complex. Cristy Voss cleaned empty apartments at Woodlands West Apartment Complex for nearly two months, sent invoices for payment, but received no money.

When the rooms are empty, Voss, the owner of Picture Perfect, takes care of the details and makes move-out apartments look new again. Her fee is based on the number of bedrooms in each apartment. To make a place spic-and span again, she charges from $55 to clean out a one-bedroom to $70 for a three-bedroom apartment.

In February, Voss began working at Woodlands West. Over a 7 week period, Voss said she cleaned more than three dozen apartments, but didn’t get paid.

‘I’ve been asking about my pay. I haven’t received anything from them,” Voss said. “Right now, I am owed $2,270.”

There are three pages of invoices — dating from mid-February to early April.

“I have taken them all of my invoices down there. They just keep telling me they’ve texted it over to the proper people and I don’t hear anything else about it,” Voss said. “I’m asking them to please make a payment within 10 days.”

Voss said she called the office manager at Woodlands West Apartments in early April.

“Every time I ask I get another excuse or they tell me a check was cut and it never was cut. I just want to get paid. It’s that simple. I did the work for them,” she said.

We called the apartment manager — the response: “I been told not to talk to you.” But within hours, we received, an email from the corporate office, the message said: “Our office spoke with Ms. Voss, we requested her invoices, once they’re received and verified, we will cut her a check.”

The complex did and she got all of her money back. While she’s grateful to Woodside Properties, the corporate office, Voss said she won’t be returning to Woodlands West.

We received a message from a former apartment manager. She said many times, independent contractors are paid either 30, 60 or 90 days after an invoice is turned in. Voss said she had not been told how long it would take to receive payment. The state labor board said independent contractors should always make sure they have a signed contract in place before starting work to eliminate any billing issues that might arise.

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