KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — If Blount Mansion is the city’s oldest building, then James Park House is the second.

The house was built by then Knoxville Mayor James Park in the early 1800s where it served as home to the parks and their 12 children. The land, where the house stands, was originally bought by Tennesee’s first Governor John Sevier, who planned to settle in Knoxville according to Knox Heritage. Sevier would not be able to complete the project, building only a foundation and five feet of a brick wall before reportedly running out of money. When Park bought the land, Knox Heritage said he used Sevier’s original plans to finish the house.

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The house, which is listed on the national register of historic places, hosted president Andrew Jackson during a visit to Knoxville in the 1830s and during World War I it was used as a red cross workshop.

Today, the James Park house is the current headquarters of the Gulf and Ohio railways after the CEO Pete Claussen and his wife, Linda, bought the house in 2002. According to Gulf and Ohio, while Blount Mansion is the oldest house in Knoxville, the James Park house has the oldest foundation.