KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — For months, gas prices have been on the rise and unfortunately, the current conflict in eastern Europe appears to be adding to the problem. Data from AAA shows prices have risen about 10 cents nationwide and 15 cents in Tennessee within the last week.

Gas is 35 cents more expensive than it was a month ago. For a broader perspective, gas was cheaper by nearly a dollar, one year ago. According to a AAA spokesperson, the turmoil in Ukraine is causing jitters for the oil market.

Not long ago, Tyvone Rodgers would fill up with $40 worth of gas.

He said, “I noticed it started filling up halfway than where it usually be.”

But now Rodgers says is being more frugal at the pump.

“I’ve been putting $23 in since the gas is going up so that’s why I stop at $23. No more than $23 a week,” he explained.

Tim Oglesby makes his living on the road, and he’s been noticing the gas price hike too. He drives a cab for Discount Taxi and right now he says he’s paying more in overhead.

“It’s ridiculous the way you go from $3.09 to $3.20 up to $3.50, it ridiculous,” said Oglesby. “Before the gas prices went up, I would put like $25 a day after running all day long and now it’s up to $40 so it’s took a big hit.”

Tennessee’s gas price record was set above $4.00 in 2008 and some believe we’re heading towards that now. Currently, the average cost for gas in the state is $3.44 a gallon.

“Save your money for some gas because it ain’t going to get any cheaper any time soon. It’s a little too high for me. I moved down here from Illinois and gas prices are matching Illinois prices,” said Ross Wolthuis.

Andrew Smith said, “They’ve gone up tremendously. It’s at the point where it’s eating into my grocery costs, my food costs, things of that nature.”

Nationally, gas prices have increased by 15 cents in the last two weeks. But according to GasBuddy, you can find the cheapest gas in the Knoxville area in LaFollette and Rockwood, starting from $3.08.

Right now, the cost of a barrel of oil is more than $100.

“Maybe Biden doing something about it. Maybe releasing some of the reserves and start producing oil at home instead of outsourcing it to other countries,” said Smith.

For ways to save on gas, combine errands to limit driving time. Consider paying with cash because some places charge extra for using credit cards. You can also sign up for a retailers’ gas reward program and think about carpooling.