LAFOLLETTE, Tenn. (WATE) — Heavy snow fell in LaFollette and all over Campbell County on Thursday. Crews were out plowing and salting busy roads. Veteran Daniel Lough was working hard too.

“I’d rather be here than Afghanistan. Too hot there.” he said.

Lough shovels snow at the Red Roof Convenience store. He offers his services to anybody around LaFollette whenever the winter weather hits.

“They see how I use my rock salt. I threw it in for free this year, but a lot of people don’t know how to use rock salt,” Lough said.

Lough says he has rock salt distribution down to a science.

“You make you a path,” he said. “You lay your rock salt down and it’ll stay melted. And make you another path and keep it kind of hilled on both sides and then when the snow is finally gone and the sun pops out, you can bust it up and throw it back in the driveway and it’ll all be gone.”

It’s been a busy week for Lough. It goes the same for everybody at Smith Ace Hardware.

Nicky Campbell’s husband is an owner of the store. She works there too.

“Sleds, we’ve sold a ton of those,” she said. “The ice melt of course and then shovels, gloves, the basic stuff. If I was only a grocery store, I’d have it made.”

One employee at the hardware store said they had sold nearly 80 sleds just on Thursday. Campbell said she was surprised by the large amount of traffic weaving through town.

“It’s not supposed to snow this much here,” she added. “If it would stay off the road it would be great.”